RockWheel 2

When you need to cut a trench or a hole through reinforced concrete or solid rock, a traditional breaker/hammer attachment may not be the best choice. The incredible Rokla RockWheel is very quiet and produces almost no vibrations. It also grinds rock, brick and concrete into tiny pieces that can then be used as backfill, saving you from the expense of bringing new fill into the site.

The RockWheel is perfect for precision detail work e.g. shaping the corners of a swimming pool cutout or accurately levelling a rock surface. It is fantastic for removing solid material from vertical walls, without risking collapse of the wall, and it is also great for cutting out elevator shafts in sandstone.

Many Sydney homeowners are now looking to create more living space under their houses and the RockWheel allows us to remove rock from around sensitive areas such as brick piers and concrete footings, where the vibrations from a hydraulic breaker would be a concern.

The Rokla RockWheel can also be used underwater or even upside down, if necessary!