Narrow access excavation work is our speciality and because we work with plumbers, builders and other tradesmen, we understand your needs: honesty, integrity and reliability. – We turn up on time and do what we say we will!

Our tight access Takeuchi TB108 retracts to just 680mm, meaning it will fit through a standard doorway.

The Takeuchi TB210r is a larger model, with a reduced tail swing and more power than the TB108. This excavator weighs in at 1.2 tons and can dig to an incredible 1.75 metres in depth, yet is only 750mm wide!

KangEx is pleased to announce the new Takeuchi TB225, for those occasions where a larger machine is more appropriate. This is the ONLY 2.5 ton excavator on the market with retractable tracks, meaning it can get through spaces as tight as 1100mm!

Whether for plumbing, building, landscaping, swimming pools or electrical installs, Kanga Excavation Services has the machinery, the skills and the people to make your job happen.