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Save hours of hard labour and finish your jobs faster…

“I Didn’t Think It Was Possible, But When I Saw The Results….”

“Digging up a collapsed sewer with a shovel is such hard work! – It always seems to happen on the hottest days and in the most inaccessible locations, too. I’m tired of wasting hours toiling in the heat, when I could be doing other work. If only there was a machine that could get into those really tight spaces!”
Have you ever found yourself saying these things? – You’ve probably noticed that Sydney properties are getting smaller each year, yet few excavation companies have the equipment that modern sites with narrow or difficult access require, leaving you with no option but to spend hours – or days! – digging by hand.


The Solution: A Micro Excavator


Doorway Earlwood IMAG1681

Your time is too valuable to spend at the end of a shovel, so we sought out excavation equipment that would solve the access issues that modern tradesmen encounter more and more often. Now plumbers, builders and other trades are benefiting from the unique services we’re able to offer.

“The KangEx range of micro excavators can get into places I would’ve sworn were impossible, and saved me and my apprentice from digging up tons of dirt and rock by hand!” – Dave M, plumber from Jannali.

“We needed KangEx to dig up around 35 metres of old, broken, clay sewer pipe so we could replace it with new PVC. I did not expect to have the entire job completed, including backfilling, by 3pm that afternoon!” – Heath, plumber from Cronulla

“Calling in KangEx saved us a good two days worth of hand digging for footings on a house extension we were doing at Oatley. The only access was through an 800mm-wide door at the back of the garage!” – Brad D, builder from Bangor

“If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, there’s no way I would’ve believed an excavator could fit down the side of our house!” – Symon from Jannali


As you can see, our specialist machinery means we achieve startling results for our happy clients.
So, why aren’t there more companies like ours around? It’s simple, really: most other excavation contractors just want the big jobs, where they can roll in with a 5 ton machine and spend a week on site doing basic work and not having to interact much with their customers.

We think differently.


You’re probably saying, “Well, great, you can get into those sites…but I bet it’s expensive!”  We charge appropriately for our services, but consider the benefits of using a machine rather than manual labour:

⦁ You complete your work more quickly, meaning faster turnover of jobs and greater profits for your business.

⦁ With us doing the digging, you can be doing something else. – Your profitability increases when you use the leverage of a contractor to give you time to do other work.

⦁ Less stress on the body (also helps minimise worker’s comp claims from employees!)


Something to consider…

When your apprentices or other employees are spending hours digging by hand, what are they actually learning that is of immediate or future value to you? – Nothing! So why make them slave away at manual labour, when they could be gaining valuable trade skills and making you a healthy profit at the same time?


So…you probably want to know a bit about our machines

Our original excavator, a Takeuchi TB108, is the ultimate narrow access excavator. – At a miniscule 680mm wide, there’s almost nowhere it can’t fit!

Next is the new version of the 108, the TB210r. This excavator weighs in at 1.2 tons, is only 760mm wide and can dig to an incredible 1.75 metres in depth!


The Takeuchi TB225 excavator is the ONLY machine in the 2.5 ton-class with retractable tracks, allowing it to fit through spaces just 1100mm wide. This one is perfect for digging up boundary traps, sewer encasements, installing pits, etc.


We also have a powerful Kanga 8 Series Track Loader with a trenching attachment. This is perfect for trenching across sporting fields or farmland, for irrigation pipes or drainage.

8 Series Trencher
Aside from the machines, KangEx also has a wide range of tools and equipment, from laser levels to jackhammers, and demolition saws to motorised dumpers.


Whatever you need, wherever it is, call KangEx and let us do the hard work for you!