Tight Access Pool Excavation

Yes, you CAN have that dream pool!                                                                


“It’s so hot in summer and we’d love a pool for our kids to enjoy…but we don’t have access for big machinery. The pool companies we spoke to said it was too difficult for their contractors…”


That’s where we come in!


Beat the summer heat, with the tight access excavation experts!

WHAT we do

Pool at Hurstville Grove 2  

We make your dream pool a reality!

Using our range of specialist machines and equipment, we carry out tight access pool excavation in areas that are too difficult for other companies to get into. We are able to dig through all types of soil and also have solutions for rock and shale.


Value to YOU


We work closely with your chosen pool builder to deliver that pool you’ve dreamed of and because we ONLY do tight access/difficult access excavation work, we are experts in the field. We work quickly and efficiently, to ensure a seamless pool building process for our clients.

Another advantage we can offer is fixed price/quoted excavation work, giving you certainty in costing out your pool project.


HOW we do it

TB210r tight access 

We use three main machines: our workhorse is the Takeuchi TB210R, a 1.2 ton excavator that is only 760mm wide. Our “big” machine is a TB225 – the ONLY 2.5 ton excavator in the world with retractable tracks, letting it get through spaces as tight as 1100mm. Rounding out the fleet is a Wacker-Neuson DT-05 track dumper. This little diesel powered beast is a mere 660mm wide but will hold a payload of up to 500kg. As you can see in the video below, we even use wheelbarrows!


Whether you want fun in the sun or to relax and stay cool, take the first step on the journey to your dream pool: Click here to contact us today.


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